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"Does My Ex-Girlfriend Still Want Me? Signs She Isn’t Over You Yet

After a girlfriend dumps you, she usually does everything she can to get any sign of you out of her life. That means that she gives back all of your things that you left at her place, stops calling you, etc. Just because you two broke up, unless it was a horrible relationship, it does not necessarily mean that she will delete you from her friends list on social networking sites or take pictures of you two together down from her page. So, if you find yourself wondering if the ex still wants me, then you need to look beyond the veil of the social networking sites and look at other things that she may be doing.

For instance, if she is still calling then you are correct to wonder if the ex still wants me. The fact of the matter is that if she is truly over you, she will not call you all of the time. In the beginning, it could just be a habit that she needs to break, but if you find that is calling you all of the time, just to say hello, then chances are that she is not truly over you and wants to get back together.

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Does My Ex-Girlfriend Still Want Me? Signs She Isn’t Over You Yet

If she is still calling and you do not want her to continue doing so, you need to tell her to stop and then change your number if she will not.

Another thing that might make you think the ex still wants me is if she sends you flirty text messages or emails. Unlike the phone calls, this cannot be explained away by it being a habit. If she is sending you flirty messages either in email or by text, then she either wants you back or is playing a very hurtful game with you. You need to find out which it is so you know how to best proceed. If she does want you back and you want her back, then definitely go for it. However, if she is just messing with you, you need to tell her to leave you alone and that you are not interested in her mind games.

In the end, you have to use your best judgment when it comes to deciding if the ex wants me back. Something that you think means a lot may just be an oversight on her part or she thinks is perfectly innocent. Love is not a place for games. So you need to be clear on what her intentions are before you let your heart get too involved with her again.

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